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Jul 21, 2007

Afghanistan: Price for Life of industrialized citizens reaches new all time low

23 young christian south koreans now being beheaded, behind the headlines or the signs the utter limits of acceptance and deception were reached.

The price of life is now below "having 6 more months 9.3 mercenaries in Afghanistan".

South Korea was the market used to set this new all time low: 200 soldiers in Afghanistan for six more months higher than the lives of 23 citizens, now being beheaded.
Yes, going on right now. Ultimatum deadline expired. (1)

End Times Signs - To what lengths can acceptance and deception go
Illuminati now able to let 23 own citizens be beheaded as price to keep 200 mercenaries in Afghanistan. That shows again that the acceptance of the mark of the beast by the industrialized citizen is long behind us.

The ultimate persecution of the few real christians left in the world is one of the signs of the end time society.
But in this case the other key end times society sign is NOT the fact that these 23 young south korean are christians.
It is the fact that they could be deceived to the length of believing that they would be able to spread the word in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan, which played the main stage for the fake war on terror since 11 September 2001.
Afghanistan, where the mercenaries of the antichrist supervise the fields that now account for almost all the world's opium production.
Afghanistan, where the last antichrist now deployed some of the nukes supposed to be fired in the last minutes of the battle of Armageddon.

(1) Google news immediately reveals there are no headlines about this.Nothing in the main page, which ranks current news by number of references found in all media polled.
This is how it is being reported, behind the headlines. Note no reference to the fact that these 23 young people are christians.

July 21 (Bloomberg) -- South Korea's President Roh Moo Hyun urged the immediate and safe release of the country's citizens kidnapped in Afghanistan two days ago.``In no instance, should there be any harm to innocent lives,'' Roh said in a televised speech today. ``The abductors must return our people safely and as soon as possible.''
A total of 23 South Koreans were kidnapped on July 19 by a group believed to be the Taliban, South Korea's Foreign Minister Song Min Soon said earlier today. Still, he said it was unconfirmed who was responsible for the abductions.
Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan stopped a bus on July 19 and kidnapped a group of passengers including Korean nationals, Reuters reported yesterday. Local Taliban commander Mohammad Sharif took responsibility for the kidnapping, Reuters said.
The Taliban will kill the abductees if South Korea doesn't withdraw its troops in Afghanistan by noon today local time, Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, who claimed to be the group's spokesman, was cited by the Associated Press as saying yesterday.
South Korea, which has about 200 soldiers in Afghanistan, plans to withdraw the troops by the end of the year as previously scheduled, according to foreign minister Song.
``Our soldiers in Afghanistan are there to provide medical and humanitarian services,'' President Roh said in the speech. ``They have helped the reconstruction of Afghanistan and are in the process of ending their role in the country.''
Separately, South Korea issued a ``travel ban'' on Afghanistan, the highest of four travel safety levels, according to a statement on the Foreign Ministry's Web site today. South Korea currently prohibits its nationals from traveling to Iraq and Somalia.
``The government is doing its best to ensure the early return of our people,'' Roh said. ``We are closely working with the Afghan government, the United Nations and other parties.''

(2) One day later, July 22:
24 young south koreans beheaded in Afghanistan - one day after the ultimatum, 24 hours where the beheadings were totallly censored by illuminati media, the satanic joke to terminate it: the antichrist announces a military raid to rescue them...

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